Top 5 Best Prostate Pills of The Year!

Welcome to Choosing the right product that will alleviate the pain and urgency and give you back your ability to sleep through the night that you sorely miss is hard when you’re bombarded with so many products that claim to be the “most effective”. Well, don’t be frustrated anymore because we’ve done the work for you by selling only the best of the best when it comes to prostate pills. Check out our top selling and best prostate pills supplements on the market today. *Individual Results May Vary.

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We pinpoint and analyze in great detail the top 5 most effective natural prostate supplements on the market today.


#1 ProstaGenix - Our Top Rated Prostate Pill

1 4.85 5 261
Rated #1
$ 49.95
Retail: $79.99 Lowest Price: $28.42 - $49
4.85 / 5 stars

Out of all the lab tests done on over 100 prostate supplements, this product surpassed the rest. Not only that, but when you begin to compare the scores, it wasn’t even close. It is remarkable to see a prostate supplement that was able to produce 800mg of beta-sitosterol and 1,000mg of sterols per dose. These numbers are something we have never even imagined were possible. A majority of the prostate supplements that we reviewed and tested struggled to get close to the 500 mg beta-sitosterol level, but Prostagenix made it look like child’s play. In fact, the scores for the supplement were so phenomenal, its sterols per DOSE are close to or even more than what some products have in their entire bottle. These numbers are so impressive that it not only sets itself apart from other prostate supplements, it puts itself in a league of its own. Learn More »


#2 Vasotrexx - Our #2 Top Rated Prostate Pill

1 4.7 5 261
Rated #2
$ 49.95
Retail: $79.99 Lowest Price: $28.42 - $49
4.7 / 5 stars

This phytosterol packed prostate supplement has surpassed all of our expectations. Made by Dartford Kent Nutraceuticals in Los Angeles, California, Vasotrexx has a key set of ingredients that can truly help with prostate issues. As has been mentioned before, the key to a good prostate supplement is its sterols, and specifically beta-sitosterols. These unique phytosterols have been shown to support prostate health more than any other ingredient or compound. They even surpass saw palmetto and the free fatty acids that many once thought were the key to improving prostate health. And, with a lab score of 386mg of beta-sitosterol and 796mg of total sterols, Vasotrexx has really proven itself to be a supplement worth checking out. Learn More »

Super Prostate 3x

#3 Super Prostate 3x - Trusted for Over 5 Years

1 4.5 5 261
Rated #3
$ 49.95
Retail: $84.49 Lowest Price: $33.32-$39
4.5 / 5 stars

From the great minds over at Tera Herbs, this outstanding prostate supplement has scored phenomenally in our lab tests. With a beta-sitosterol score of 359mg and overall sterols of 702mg, this prostate supplement has some real power behind it. Learn More »


#4 Pros-Terol - Notorious for effective prostate treatment

1 4.4 5 261
Rated #4
$ 49.95
Retail: $49.95 Lowest Price: $39.95-$49
4.4 / 5 stars

Pros-Terol has safely made its way into our top 5 products with this amazingly well-designed supplement. The people over at the Uniscience group have obviously spent a lot of time and research designing this powerhouse formula, and it shows in their lab results. Coming in at 361mg of beta-sitosterol and 756mg of total sterols, Pros-Terol has packed its formula was a powerful blend of high quality ingredients. Learn More »

Life Seasons Pros-T

#5 Life Seasons Pros-T - Excellent Track-Record

1 4.35 5 261
Rated #5
$ 49.95
Retail: $89.78 Lowest Price: $29.95
4.35 / 5 stars

If you have been to a Whole Foods recently and checked out their supplement aisle, you’ve probably seen the brand name LifeSeasons. Based out of Lewisville, Texas this supplement company has produced a wide range of vitamin and supplement products, and have done so extremely well. Learn More »