Pros-Terol Review - Does Pros-Terol Work?


Rated #4

Notorious for effective prostate treatment

  • High Potency Mixed Sterol Blend
  • Lists individual Amounts of each Sterols
  • Caplet Form
*Results may vary on individual.

Pros-Terol has safely made its way into our top 5 products with this amazingly well-designed supplement. The people over at the Uniscience group have obviously spent a lot of time and research designing this powerhouse formula, and it shows in their lab results. Coming in at 361mg of Beta-Sitosterol and 756mg of total sterols, Pros-Terol has packed its formula was a powerful blend of high quality ingredients.

Reg Price: 49.95 Lowest Price: $39.95-$49

What is in the formula for Pros-Terol?

Designed by the Uniscience group based out of Florida, this prostate supplement is definitely doing something right. Not only is the Pros-Terol formula based around a high-potency Mixed sterol blend, it even goes the extra mile to list the exact amount of each individual sterol included in the formula, such as beta-sitosterol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol, Campesterol, and Brassicasterol. It is impressive enough that the Uniscience group included a sterol blend rich in beta-sitosterol, but the fact that they went above and beyond and ensured that at certain amount of each sterol was provided in their supplement facts shows that this product is the real deal.

Final Thoughts for Pros-Terol

While taking a closer look at this intelligently designed formula, it becomes clear that Pros-Terol has more to offer than just its sterols. Both quercetin and Pumpkin seed extract were both included in generous amounts, as well as many other vitamins and compounds which all work to support a healthy prostate. Additionally, the formula was also able to include these ingredients in a caplet form, which some prefer over the traditional capsule supplement. Overall, Pros-Terol has definitely made a name for itself in the prostate world, and from the looks of it they are doing everything they can to make the best prostate supplement possible.