Vasotrexx Review - Does Vasotrexx Work?


Rated #2

Our #2 Top Rated Prostate Pill

  • Very High Sterol Score
  • High-end Vitamins and Compounds
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract
  • Potent sterol Blend
*Results may vary on individual.

This phytosterol packed prostate supplement has surprised all of our expectations. Made by Dartford Kent Nutraceuticals in Los Angeles, California, Vasotrexx has a key set of ingredients that can truly help with prostate issues. As has been mentioned before, they key to a good prostate supplement is its sterols, and specifically Beta-sitosterols. These unique phytosterols have been shown to support prostate health more than any other ingredient or compound; it even surpasses saw palmetto and the free fatty acids that many once thought were the key to improving prostate health. And, with a lab score of 386mg of beta-sitosterol and 796mg of total sterols, Vasotrexx has really proven itself to be a supplement worth checking out.

Reg Price: 79.99 Lowest Price: $28.42 - $49

What Sets Vasotrexx apart from the Rest?

Unlike other prostate supplements on the market, Vasotrexx sets itself apart by selecting a core set of high quality ingredient that all work in unison to promote overall prostate health. Not only has the product scored extremely high in the lab tests with its high-performance sterols sourced from pine bark, but it has several other extremely beneficial ingredients as well. Vasotrexx has included caffeine free green tea in its formula, which is extremely beneficial for prostate support, and including it in its un-caffeinated form shows that Dartford Kent Nutraceuticals is actually selecting high-grade compounds. Additionally, the supplement has wisely included Stinging Nettle and Pumpkin seed extract, which have both been shown to support beta-sitosterol in helping with several symptoms that arise from a decline in prostate health, such as dribbling or weak stream.

Will Vasotrexx provide prostate relief?

While Vasotrexx is sold at a slightly higher price point than other prostate supplements on the market, it seems worth it given its excellent selection of high-end compounds and ingredients which all work to support a healthy prostate. Dartford Kent Nutraceuticals has formulated this prostate supplement so well that it seems difficult to find any fault with it. A combination of high lab scores, excellent selection of top-performance ingredients, and a close attention to detail in the product’s formulation and design all lead us to say that Vasotrexx is one of the top prostate supplements on the market today.

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