Life Seasons Pros-T Review - Does Life Seasons Pros-T Work?

Life Seasons Pros-T

Rated #5

Excellent Track-Record

  • Provides critical Vitamins and minerals
  • Scored High for Overall Sterols
  • Sold by Reputable Company
*Results may vary on individual.

If you have been to a Whole Foods recently and checked out their supplement aisle, you’ve probably seen the brand name LifeSeasons. Based out of Lewisville, Texas this supplement company has produced a wide range of vitamin and supplement products, and have done so extremely well.

Reg Price: 89.78 Lowest Price: $29.95

What is in Prost-T?

All of the products produced by LifeSeasosn are made with high-grade ingredients and are all priced affordably, and the formula for Pros-T is no exception. Scoring an impressive 375mg of beta-sitosterol and 682mg of total sterols, this formula is jam packed with sterols, and even contains a handful of other beneficial ingredients as well.

How does Pros-T set itself Apart from the Rest?

It has been mentioned many times before, but the key to a powerful and effective prostate supplement is its sterol blend. While adding high quality beta-sitosterol to a product is an easy concept to understand, the truth is that it is not cheap, and most companies do not have the time or the resources to make it feasible to produce. However, Pros-T and the people over at LifeSeasons have found a way to do just that. They have confidently listed their 800mg phytosterol complex in their supplement facts, and they have the lab scores to support it. In addition to these scores, the product has successfully infused a healthy number of Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium, and Pumpkin seed oil into the formula to even further support a healthy prostate. To sum it up, LifeSeasons has done a phenomenal job at creating this prostate product, and they have added all the right ingredients to create one of the most powerful prostate supplements available today.